Živeti v megabitu // Life in a Megabit

Os realizes she lives in television.

In a world where dreams are a currency, the protagonist Os realises nothing is really hers, not even her dreams. She realises that her subconscious is ruined and the she may not even be living her own life. Sims meets reality television.

Script: Anne Tassel
Director: Anne Tassel
Producer: Darej Šömen
Director of Photography: Fabris Šulin
Editing: Špela Murenc
Set design: Santa Barbara
Costume design: Santa Barbara, Gaja Naja Rojec
Sound recording: Darej Šömen, Jaka Pipan
Sound design: Dean Stojčič
Music: Jacob Lehmann
Camera Assistant: Gaja Naja Rojec
Second Camera Assistant: Urban Košir
Assistant Director: Ester Ivakič


Short film produced by School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica and co-produced by Warehouse Collective

© Univerza v Novi Gorici, Akademija umetnosti / University of Nova Gorica School of Arts / Warehouse Collective / 2016